NEW ALBUM - Controlled Chaos


1. Apologies

2. Here and Now
3. From It All
4. God Among Men
5. Still Here
6. Blinded
7. Crashing Down
8. Self-Styled Leader

9. Plan B

10. Chaos

11. 13 Hours

12. Plastic People

Drowning Mona is a San Antonio based band that has added a new flare and flavor to the San Antonio and South Texas Music Scenes. As they carry the tune of what can be described as a 1990’s Seattle Grunge sound merged with emotionally saturated powered lyrics brought to life by raspy vocal’s comparable to that of Janis Joplin, they are validating their musical melodies and staying true to their roots and belief in one another.

Drowning Mona is made up of five essential band members, each bringing their passion and talent to keep the band an influential part of the local music scene. Lisa Chapman (Lead Vocals), Chuck Fulcher (Lead Guitar), Joel Chapman (Rhythmn Guitar), Danny Dena (Bass), DX (Drums).